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Swedish Massage, 25 minutes $55 / 55 minutes $95 / 85 minutes $135 

One of the most effective massage therapy modalities.  A wonderful combination of light to firm gliding strokes, integrated with stretching and range of motion of the joints. It is a process that promotes total relaxation and muscle tension release.


Deep tissue, 55 minutes $125

This process involves applying sustained pressure using slow and deeper strokes to target the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue.


Hot Stone, 55 minutes $125

Helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation and metabolism. Also helps to expand blood vessels which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Cupping Therapy, 55 minutes $125

Cupping is a therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine which increases blood flow, loosens the fascia or connective tissue, removes toxins and stimulates healing. The cups are often placed on the back, neck and shoulders. Cupping temporarily causes bruising and soreness depending upon the degree of suction.

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