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Body Treatments


Sea Salt Scrub Therapy, $125

This therapy exfoliates the skin by removing the outmost layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and making it look healthy and younger.


Seaweed Therapy, $125

When the seaweed mask is applied all over the body it pulls out toxins while also stimulating the metabolism, which can aid in weight loss. Seaweed also aids skin regeneration and increases firmness trough collagen production.


Cellulite Treatment, $125

Improves the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to get rid of excess of fluids and toxins.  Benefits includes detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, body contouring and skin tightening.


Buffer, $50 (25 minutes)

An effective device that utilizes a dual action of random orbital oscillating and pulsating motion for use in easing sore muscles, increasing circulation, improving appearance of cellulite and increasing overall relaxation.

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